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IMPORTANT: Keep your UnionPay Card and card details secure.
Lost or stolen cards and details will not be replaced or refunded.

These Terms and Conditions govern the use and operation of your UnionPay Prepaid Non-Reloadable Card (“UnionPay Card”). Your UnionPay Card is distributed to you by HongBao a trading name of Gobbill Australia Pty Ltd ABN 16 622 628 666 ("the Distributor ") and issued to you by Airpay Financial Technologies Pty Ltd ABN 99 615 157 572 ("the Card Issuer") and owned by UnionPay International Co., Ltd. (“the Card Scheme”).
By purchasing this UnionPay Card, you accept these Terms and Conditions. If you give this UnionPay Card to another person, you must tell them that by accepting the UnionPay Card, they will be accepting these Terms and Conditions. We may update these Terms and Conditions by posting changes to the website.
In these Terms and Conditions, “you” refers to the person who acquires the UnionPay Card, whether by purchasing the UnionPay Card or receiving the UnionPay Card as a gift, and “us”, “we” or “our” refers to either the Distributor, Card Issuer and/or Card Scheme as applicable.
The Distributor is a promoter and online store selling the UnionPay Card. The Card Issuer is responsible for providing certain cardholder services to you. These services include providing you with your UnionPay Card and assisting you with any enquiries you may have regarding the use of your UnionPay Card.

After purchasing your UnionPay Card and after your payment has been received, your card will be automatically activated to use. The expiry date is three (3) years from the activation date.
An activated UnionPay Card can be used to make purchases and payments where UnionPay International cards are accepted. 
Your UnionPay Card cannot be used to withdraw cash at ATMs, redeem cash or be used to make direct debit or recurring or regular instalments payments. Such attempted unauthorised use may result in your UnionPay Card being suspended or cancelled and any remaining value on your UnionPay Card being forfeited.
Some merchants may choose not to accept your UnionPay Card. You should always check with the merchant that it will accept your UnionPay Card before you attempt to purchase any goods or services.
Your UnionPay Card is not reloadable. This means that additional funds cannot be added onto your UnionPay Card.
UnionPay prepaid cards are not legal tender, credit cards, account cards, debit cards or securities. All UnionPay prepaid cards remain the property of the Issuer. As at the date of these Terms and Conditions, the value stored on your UnionPay Card will not be protected by any deposit guarantee that is currently offered by the Australian Government.

To redeem value by using your UnionPay Card:
• For EFTPOS transactions: open your Bulago App and tap or if applicable, swipe the physical UnionPay Card through the EFTPOS equipment, select “CREDIT” or “Cr” and then either provide your signature to the merchant or enter your PIN code if one is applicable.
• For online or telephone transactions: enter or provide your card number, expiry date and the 3 digit code provided to you upon activation of your UnionPay Card.
You do not need to use the whole UnionPay Card value in one transaction.
Balance amount or change may not be given by merchants for purchases using your UnionPay Card. You cannot make transactions that exceed the available balance of your UnionPay Card. You must check with the merchant if and how you can make a purchase that exceeds the available balance by paying for the difference using other means.
Merchants may impose their own restrictions on the use of your UnionPay Card, such as minimum payment amounts.
All transactions conducted overseas will be converted from local currency into Australian dollars by UnionPay International. The conversion rate used is either:
• a wholesale market rate selected by UnionPay from the range of wholesale rates available in wholesale currency markets for the applicable processing date, which may vary from the rate UnionPay receives; or
• the government-mandated rate in effect for the applicable processing date.
A Currency Conversion Fee is payable by you when you make a transaction on your UnionPay Card in a currency other than Australian dollars. A Currency Conversion Fee may also be payable if you make a transaction on your UnionPay Card in any currency (including AUD) that is processed by a card scheme or financial institution or billed by the merchant outside of Australia. It may not always be clear, particularly when purchasing online, that the merchant, financial institution or card scheme processing is located outside of Australia.
You must not use your UnionPay Card for any unlawful purpose, including the purchase of goods or services prohibited by the laws of Australia and/or the laws of the location where the UnionPay Card is used or where the goods or services are provided. Should your UnionPay Card be used for unlawful purposes, we may restrict you from accessing any value available on your UnionPay Card.

Fees and charges may apply to certain transactions. You agree to pay us all fees and charges incurred on applicable transactions. We will deduct these fees and charges from your UnionPay Card by debiting (deducting) the amount of the fee and charge. All fees and charges are inclusive of any GST.
If you consider that the fee is incorrect, you may dispute this by contacting the Card Issuer in the first instance. Any incorrectly charged fee or charge will be reversed by the Card Issuer. Card Purchase Fee and other fees are specified on our website.

Your UnionPay Card will expire three (3) years from activation date or on the date shown on the front of your UnionPay Card, whichever is the earlier. On the expiry of your UnionPay Card, any balance that remains after the expiry date will not be available for use and will be forfeited by you and become the property of the Distributor and Card Issuer.

Ensure you keep your UnionPay Card including the card number, expiry date and pin codes secure. Anyone holding the UnionPay Card can use its value to make purchases. You are responsible for all transactions on your UnionPay Card. If your UnionPay Card is lost or stolen, or you suspect an unauthorised transaction, immediately report this to the Card Issuer to attempt to disable the card. Contact details below.
We may (at our discretion) replace a faulty, lost or stolen UnionPay Card. Any replacement UnionPay Card will have the same unused value at the time of replacement and expiry date as the original UnionPay Card. Replacement cards will be in line with our policy to supply a proof of purchase and the card number, charged at a fee of $50 exclusive of any GST. This fee is charged by and payable to us.

If you have any enquiries or complaints in relation to your UnionPay Card, you should, contact the Card Issuer. 
We have the ability in certain circumstances to investigate disputed transactions which occur on your UnionPay Card and attempt to obtain a refund for you. In accordance with the UnionPay scheme rules, our ability to investigate a disputed transaction on your behalf is limited to the time frames imposed pursuant to the UnionPay scheme rules. The maximum timeframes vary up to 60 to 120 days so it is important that you notify us as soon as you become aware of a disputed transaction.

You acknowledge that information and details relating to use of your UnionPay Card may be processed in countries outside of Australia. Your use of your UnionPay Card signifies your agreement to the fact that your UnionPay Card and transaction details may be processed outside Australia.

We may modify these Terms and Conditions any time and publish it online at We may also assign or transfer the rights of these Terms and Conditions to another entity.
If you provide personal information to us, you consent to us disclosing your personal information to third parties that: (a) facilitate transaction investigation and assist with identification of suspicious or fraudulent transactions; (b) are our outsourced service providers (for example, data switches); (c) are regulatory bodies, government agencies, law enforcement bodies and courts; and (d) are participants in the payment system and other financial institutions for the purpose of resolving disputes, errors or other matters arising from your use of your UnionPay Card.
For details on how you may access and seek correction of any personal information we hold about you, please refer to our Privacy Policy available at This contains details on how we deal with any personal information it collects in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles. For details on how you may complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles and how we deal with complaints, please refer to the Privacy Policy. 

For any support questions or complaints, please contact:

The Card Issuer – Customer Support.
Airpay Financial Technologies Pty Ltd (ACN 615 157 572) 
Hotline: 1300 663 618
Level 11, 333 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia 
WeChat Official Account


The Distributor
Gobbill Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 622 628 666) 
Level 14, 839 Collins Street, Docklands, VIC 3008, Australia

The Card Scheme
UnionPay International Co. Ltd 
HQ: Building B, Poly Plaza, No.6 Dongfang Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China
Australia contact: 0011-800-800-95516 / 1-800-649-612

Last Updated 19 Jan 2024

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